In order to prepare your HACCP Plans, please answer the following questions:


  1. In what state / city is your business located?

    If you see your city, select it. Otherwise select your state. If you don't see your state, Contact Us
  2. For what purpose will you use your Reduced Oxygen Packaging Machine?

  3. The HACCP Team

  4. What personnel will use the reduced oxygen packaging machine?

    1. * The team lead will be the health department's point of contact for all HACCP-related inquiries
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  5. Equipment

  6. What equipment will you use to package, process, and store the reduced oxygen packaged food?

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  7. Labeling

  8. How will you label the reduced oxygen packages?

  9. Designated Packaging Area

  10. What is the name of the station where the reduced oxygen packaging equipment will be located?

  11. Cleaners and Sanitizers

  12. What products will you use to clean and sanitize food contact surfaces?

    NOTE: You must have a cleaning agent and a sanitizing agent OR a dual cleaning and sanitizing agent.
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  13. Contact Information

  14. Primary contact

  15. Business name and address